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i was just reading an article on the christian science monitor site (a damned fine, fairly objective news site), it was about the whole bush state of the union address uranium claim, and the editors had gone back and republished it after clarifying a number of things. basically the retractions hinged on the idea that it has not been proven that bush knew at the time of the sua (state of the union address) that he was citing fraudulent intelligence. it’s a good thing the editor of is me, otherwise i might have to take back my last post, at least the part that says “and you’d still be lying”.
there is a lot of very fine hair splitting going on here, it seems to me. and the hair keeps getting finer. it’s almost like the administration is negotiating with the gullibility of the public. bargaining downward. don’t like this story? still smell bullshit? how about this….i may have known that the claim was false, but history will show that the end justified my means. i think that’s about the point that blair and bush are at. utilitarian ethics at their finest.

this is pretty cool. i am trying out this new blog posting software, and i can click on a button in the toolbar, and it queries itunes as to what i am listening to and pastes in the info and a google link to the band. fucking awesome. Dawn from the album “Man With A Movie Camera” by Cinematic Orchestra

now i need the healthy breakfast button in the toolbar. today’s is grape nuts, strawberries, blueberries, white peaches and nectarines, non-fat yogurt, non-fat milk, fresh squeezed orange juice, and earl grey.






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  1. cody Avatar

    dude that rocks … ‘specialy the earl grey

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