jasmine, starry summer skies, bastille day

it was a pretty decently beautiful day to be alive. a fairly smooth day of work, as i did some insurance troubleshooting, the daily financial duties, and continued to reprogram the sound system’s crossover and eq unit, which mysteriously reverted to jk sound’s janky settings over the weekend. then around 6:30, dave and steen and i took the showe on the road over to the annual bastille day celebrations. it was all out street festival madness, with a lot of the regular clubber scene in attendance, (most of whom should wait until sunset to come out of their sarcophagi). there was a lot of boozing going on, and later on in the evening everyone started looking better (as the sun had gone down, there were strings of lights draped overhead, and i had plowed through several oranginas and had approximately a quarter litre of vin ordinaire accidently poured on me in the midst of the crushing crowd that was giving me something of a contact high). franky boissy was spinning up a french storm, and we went by to shout encouragement at him at least twice, complimenting him on the quality of “le pounch”. at around 10 or so, i finally became tired of waiting to eat. there had been a lot of talk throughout the night of grabbing a bite, but eventually it became obvious to me that the S&D part of the show(e) were going to continue to eat “hydraulically” for the foreseeable future. so i was off to minna to do some late night sound tests.
gabe and jen were at the gallery, waiting for someone to stop by and rescue gabe’s keys, which were locked in the office. babak and bithiah showed up in a bit, and we were off to el farolito for a round of late night burriticus. i went super carne asada, and while it is unquestionably a tasty burrito, i think farolito is currently the most fat-laden of all the taquerias. i feel right now as if i just drank a quart of 50w motor oil. but it’s that good kind of full-of-motor-oil feeling.
walking back from the station where i disembarked from the last east bay train of the night, the streets were perfectly still, the smell of jasmine was unbelievably thick, the moon was nearly full and the stars, although washed out a good deal by the city lights, made me conscious of that vague sense of being part of something enormous and eternal that i sometimes get. of course, when i’m not otherwise distracted by belching, farting, masturbation jokes, or any of the other crude diversions my life presents me with. but yeah, it was a fairly romantic walk that i shared with, ……..well, with myself.






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  1. le bojsey Avatar
    le bojsey

    Beautifully written E.
    The S&D went large…I lost the D but continued on with the australian ring in. Swedish fans in tow we hit another bar before I hit the wall and decided I was better off at home! Fun night out though.

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