just got back from seeing the pirates of the caribbean movie. i had a casual interest in seeing it, as louie kamer and i pitched a movie about the ride when lou worked at the studio, a long long time ago. our pitch got shelved because it was felt that the characters in a disney ride should never come to life, as it would be too scary for kids or something like that. actually we had the pirates come to life and then escape disneyland, whereupon they proceeded to wreak havoc on the modern society they found outside the gates. at that time in the late 80’s, the disney studio under eisner and katzenberg was all about the “fish out of water” stories, and lou and i gave them a “pirates out of water” story. hmmm. i don’t even remember what we built into it as far as a love interest and all that goes, it was pretty formulaic. i think i have a copy of the outline around here somewhere. where “here” is is the question.
the movie was pretty boring, although i did find johnny depp’s aping of keith richards as a pirate pretty interesting to watch. although i liked fencing when i i took it for p.e., watching swashbuckling action sequences is pretty much like any other action movie. boring. the trailer before the movie was for an eddie murphy film based on the haunted house ride at disneyland, so i guess they’re really diving into the formula. actually most of the trailers were for disney or disney subsidiary films, and they all looked like shit. oh christ, i start off talking about a movie i just saw and now i feel the urge to launch into criticism of the conglomeration of media and its effect on the creative content of cinema. i should probably just leave it at that last sentence and go spend some time reading, rather than get all worked up and stay up until dawn. there is a reason why i generally don’t go to see movies, and it’s because for the most part, they all suck shit. ok, i’m going to go read.
but not before a little discourse on music. nah, i’ll save that for a later post. but i should probably do a quick recap of my playing a couple of covers, and one of my own tunes at minna on saturday night. yeah, tomorrow maybe.






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