berkeley vs. san francisco

i had a pretty good feed tonight, i even took pictures of it, but the overwhelming yellowing effect of the incandescent light in my kitchen has led me to omit the photos as not doing justice to the vibrant colors of the vegetables involved. it was a nice simple stirfry, suffice it to say that summer squash is in season, and i threw it in there with a couple of different peppers, asparagus, carrots, bok choy (by the time i got to the market the baby bok looked, well, rocked, but the regular adult bok looked pretty good), some decent sized chunks of tofu, all over a bed of perfectly cooked brown rice. washed down with ice cold carrot juice. oh yeah, i coarsely-fine chopped a nice little hill of ginger and garlic to season the whole thing. it’s an incomparable feeling, having eaten a lot and eaten well. well defined as healthy. i live half a block away from monterey market, a place i have seen described online as the closest thing to a permanent indoor farmers market. yeah, the produce there is out of control. as i was walking in san francisco yesterday, i passed a couple of different places that pass themselves off as fresh produce markets. what a sham. although i might have certain sympathies for those who love living in the city, i would take my save-a-kale granola-hugging neighborhood over it any day.






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  1. eric Avatar

    Check out last night’s killer dinner. I even got pictures. Check ’em out at !

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