happy birthday bithiah

went to delfina for bithiah’s birthday tonight. anchovy crostinis were tasty. so were the squidies (grilled on top of some equally tasty white beans). all in all, everything was really good. i wasn’t all that enamored by the fish paté thing, but that was about the only thing out of a multi-multi dish dinner that i could say that of. oh yeah, prosciutto with thin sliced peaches was very tasteful, as was an albacore steak over white beans with a mint/cilantro/garlic sauce. i drank way too much of the coffee, which was also really good. all in all a wholly excellent night.
refrigerator status: cold. enjoying a chilly glass of carrot juice as i’m writing this, soaking up the sounds of luscious jackson. i threw my name on the bill at minna for next saturday night, we’re having a bunch of bands play for a change, and i thought what the fuck, i haven’t played a gig in probably two years, why not do it at a place where i have no chance of being rejected. heh. actually, i was playing the piano yesterday and singing, and i figured that i should get back into the practice of playing live. that’s about it at this hour.






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