refrigerator repair to resume

eric announces tonight the long-awaited arrival of the defrost heater for the freezer located inside the refrigerator in his apartment.
“it’s here, and i am psyched. however it’s been like six months or something since i took the refrigerator apart, and i’m a little unclear as to how to put it back together again”. after some tentative attempts at placing what is basically a long glass pipette with a heating filament running the length of it into its housing, eric declared that “…it’s probably a good idea to wait until the morning to complete this momentous occasion. because if i accidentally break this highly fragile part at one in the morning while wrestling it into place, i am going to be extremely sour. to say nothing of my disposition were i to have to wait another month to get a replacement replacement part. i’m going to stop fucking with this thing and approach it with eight hours of sleep and a lot of natural ambient light on my side.”
eric then made some remarks extolling the virtues of patience, several comments to the effect that “i have waited this long, what’s nine more hours”, and a final closing observation that “fuck, there is nothing in this apartment to refrigerate anyhow”.
he then stumbled off to bed to read “black hawk down”, seeing as it looks like the united states is off to mediate the strife in liberia the way it knows best these days, with guns and helicopters, and eric is a student of epic historical fuckups repeating themselves.






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