i have switched my default browser to mozilla for a trial period. i also have loaded my mail accounts into mozilla. i have done this because i think i like the features in mozilla better, i like the costumization of the sidebar modules, and pretty much i’m not that excited by safari. hell, they are both built on basically the same engine, and i find myself switching back and forth between the two, but safari does nothing special for me at this point except for the fact that it is supposedly faster. i also dislike the fact that in safari, i have to go to the system’s services menu in order to send a web page to someone. mozilla lets me control-click on the page and send a page. i also find myself cruising into irc more often these days, and chatzilla is built right in. it’s kind of funny that i trashed netscape years ago in disgust (around netscape 4) and now i’m coming back to it.
oh, and i can download directly from my bank into my accounting software. there’s another reason. damn, stewart copeland knows how to play drums.






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  1. bret Avatar

    Now that AOL has linked ICQ and AIM, you can add ICQ users to your iChat buddy list. Go to your Address Book and add your buddy’s ICQ number, not alias, to the AIM field in address book. Then open iChat AV and choose to add them. Your Buddy must be using the newest ICQ Lite that supports this.

    Now you can see them go on and offline, and vice versa for them. In iChat AV, it’s completely seamless, you just see buddies, not protocols or instant messanger icons.

    This may work with iChat 1.0 but I haven’t tested i

  2. eric Avatar

    i’ve been hooking up irc, but maybe i should be checking icq?

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