crappy inspiraton

today i was not inspired on the music front. tried to come up with a new song, got something that basically sounds like i was trying, (or at least right now it does. cool thing about digital, come back to it at a later date, toy around with an idea that never went anywhere, and sometimes you get something fresh and new). hamburger and leslie called today, they’re in town for a few days, going to see them monday i think.

hey, look at this tasty bowl of breakfast i had. notice anything missing? how about yogurt and milk and orange juice??? that’s right, anything requiring refrigeration is not represented here, because sears has not gotten it together yet to ship my defrost heater for the freezer. i need to do some research on that deal. maybe it’s buried under a pile of shit at the gallery. if i were drinking warm beer in this heat, i would BE ON THE FUCKING WARPATH. that’s why i am not drinking beer.







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  1. eric Avatar

    nice link. thanks, but i think i have to go with the one that’s here. it’s working fine, except for that broken defrost heater. i hope.

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