it is hot here. very hot. i woke up this morning and thought, whoa, it sure is hot today. imagine my surprise when i barted to san francisco and it was hotter. and now it’s midnight and it’s still hot. what is it about hot weather that makes people, well, hot and bothered. because i saw a lot of that going on tonight over at the gallery, and i was feeling it myself. hmmm. i ran into a friend of one of the girls who was increasing my temperature tonight on the train platform home.

me: blah blah humina humina, i’m not interested in you, but what up with your friend leaving her job (where she works with you, who once again i’m not all that interested in), and going traveling.

the friend: blobbidy bloobidy skoobity( bubble above her head says: is this guy hitting on me)?

me: ( bubble above my head says: no i am fully not hitting on you).

the friend: bubbity hubbitty traveling skeebity heebity….cruising with her husband most likely…..

hmmmm. pretty hard flirtation for a married chick. crap. she probably thought i was gay in my hawaiian shirt and shorts, and saw no harm in talking about what a beautiful night it was and how wet she was for me. (ok maybe that last part was not vocalized). yep. it’s a lot of clean safe fun flirting, knowing there’s nothing going to come of it, when BOTH people know there’s nothing going to come. of it. well, yet another reason to add to my list of reasons i dislike the institution of marriage: smoking women married to other dudes .






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