testing ichat av

ok right now i am testing out the new ichat beta. actually, i signed up for a (new) .mac account specifically so i could check out the voice feature of ichat. i think my old account might still be active, cause it wouldn’t let me pick my favorite internet nom de fume. so i just got erichaller@mac.com…..woohoo. they give you a free account for 60 days, then kill all the features, but keep the im handle. wow, i am talking to tina in l.a. and the connection is flawless. this is exactly what i have wanted to use since several years ago i started messing around with pgp phone. (and never got it working well.) it seems like a pretty light load on my connection, around 17kbps. this is unbelievably cool.
oh i didn’t finish talking about the free .mac account. i had to check a box acknowledging that apple’s privacy policy does not apply to free accounts. i wonder if that should be cause for alarm. hmmm.
hehehe. i can hear tina typing to another friend on her yahoo messenger. this is just way too cool. i wanted to get somebody else online to see if you can audio conference, but i guess that will have to wait til the morning. the sucky thing about this is that i am sure apple will start charging for this service. hmmm. but it is very tasty. i think i might pay for it, depending on the price.
ok here’s another VERY cool opensource app. i advise anyone reading this on an osx mac to download immediately.






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  1. bret Avatar

    apple won’t charge for it ’cause it is aol owned … aim .. and they are transfering irc names to aim.

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