a potential urge

ok i just opened my fortune cookie (well i opened the first one and it was empty) and it said this:

you have a potential urge and the ability for accomplishment.

ummmm, i’m not sure what to make of this. i have a lot of urges. i usually have the ability of accomplishment. (ok that’s probably overstating the facts). what does it mean “YOU HAVE A POTENTIAL URGE”??? this cookie is raising some issues of freewill and determinism. or maybe it isn’t, maybe i’m overthinking what is just a cookie.
had takeout chinese with phil over at my place, and after a nice day of getting work done on music, mostly mechanical sorts of things like organizing sound files and compiling rough mixes to listen to, we started talking about the xbox controller and getting it hooked up to play quake 3. i fired off an email to the guy who darrell who came up with the xbox controller driver for mac, and asked him if i could get in on the beta testing of his system preference control panel. he emailed me back with a password for the download, and off i went to look into configuring the controls to quake.
after a bit of research and several failed attempts to get the thing working, i printed the list of commands and variables from the quake console to a couple of text files, then started looking through them to find what i was looking for, but there are in fact no commands pertaining to joysticks whatsoever.
now, this confused me, because in the control options menu for quake, i had CLEARLY seen a toggle button to turn the joystick ON or OFF. so i went back to that screen and toggled the button on and off, then opened the console window to see what commands this button was issuing to the game. it turns out that the game DOES NOT RECOGNIZE the command that the button sends (/in_joystick 1). you press that button, and quake responds “i don’t know what you’re talking about”. it says “what is a joystick”, because all of the commands pertaining to joysticks have been removed. piece of shit. now i will not be playing quake for a very long time, if ever.
should have stuck with music, gaming is becoming a lot of work for not much fun.






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