tastefully flawless

so far today, things have gone along very nicely indeed. the blue and white is cruising reason and cubase together very smoothly, the position indicator in cubase is not stuttering, and everything looks like a go for some stable software music making. this is exciting. i am multitasking right now actually, reading Deflation: Making Sure “It” Doesn’t Happen Here over on the federal reserve site, while running the blue and white through its paces. hmmmm, somehow installing oms has provided a patch name bridge and made reason devices show up in my list of selectable instruments for routing midi files to. i thought that that all took place on the rewire level, but i guess not.
i think this is my favorite line out of that speech:

I should emphasize that my comments on this topic are necessarily speculative, as the modern Federal Reserve has never faced this situation nor has it pre-committed itself formally to any specific course of action should deflation arise.






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