making music

nothing is perfectly easy these days. but then again it’s not that hard either. i thought that i was going to be able to do all my sampling through the halion vst plugin, circumventing the need to run reason at the same time as cubase, with all its inherent idiotsyncrasies. but reason uses a file format called refills to organize its samples. some kind of compressed archive or some deal. hopefully there is a tool for easily ripping the aiff files out of these archives so i can use the sounds and not the sequencer. otherwise i gotta go back to reason, (which i have to do anyhow for about 12 songs that i’ve worked on over the last year), and figure out how to make it work totally smoothly with cubase 5.
anyhow, there still are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, to say nothing of years in the life. i have no idea what it is specifically that i want to get done in the long term, but i know that right now there are a lot of different projects and ideas i have, and not enough time to do all of them. crap, sounds like some of them will just have to go on the back burner.
just set up a little file sharing to get a rough mix off the desktop of the blue and white.

this link should load up a very rough and unmastered version of what i’m working on tonight. my apologies to anyone trying to dload it on a slow connection. mom, you might just want to wait for me to burn a cd…..

i also apologize for those cheesy cymbal sounds. actually the samples themselves are really good, i just used them in a stupid pattern, and they aren’t the timbre i was going for. the structure isn’t quite there either, but i enjoy writing tunes now on the computer, which allows pure flexibility in the way you record and layout a song. i guess with a lot of these also, i haven’t decided whether i want to group them together as full blown songs with lyrics or whether i want them to be more instrumental dj style things. ok im getting this thing way too far into the realm of my evolving approach to the mechanics of songwriting, and i think i’d like the process to be a little more opaque even to me…..keep the mystery a bit.






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