great night at minna

i had a great time just kicking back on the stage at minna for qoöl tonight, instead of sequestering myself away in the office like usual. it was cool just checking out the scene from the front of the room instead of the bar, where i usually am. that party is really a bunch of nice people just dancing and putting off good vibes. of course, in any cartload,, there is always a bad apple or two, like the guy who had a plastic nasal inhaler passing it around to a couple of girls. the interchange went something like this:
“dude you can’t do that in here.”
“hey bro it’s totally legal. it’s an herbal inhaler, i mean dude i got it at rainbow.”
“ummm, well dude you know it looks exactly like yer doing something else.”
“what are you, security or something?”
yeah dude, we pay short scrawny bald dudes in hawaiian shirts to sit on the stage all night.
“i work here. let me just put it this way, i’d be a lot more comfortable if you didn’t do that, whatever it is, in here.”

now, i severely abridged that conversation, all of which was taking place over the music, which means we were shouting. for a long time. i got to hear about how the dude had to put up with this shit growing up in utah, how the busser just took his drink, dude it would be cool if i stoked him another drink…..yadah yadah yadah. i should have kicked him out for being so stupid as to think that an herbal inhaler was going to get him high. but even this guy did not kill my buzz, as it was just a feeling of being in the right place at the right time tonight, for no particular reason other than i was enjoying being there.

mom sent me a private message over on the php bulletin board, which i thought was really cool. hi mom! she’s thinking about buying a jetta or a passat, so feel free to weigh in a comment for her as to what car you think a mom should be driving these days. given a choice between those two, i’d say passat. driving around phil’s as the designated driver (who would have thought), i can thoroughly recommend it as a great car.

what else….defrost heater is still not here. shit when did i order that thing? the seventh! fucking hell don’t those people at sears realize i’m eating dry cereal and tortilla chips at 1:48 in the morning? yep. that busted refridge has been wreaking havoc on my diet.

whoa i posted that without mentioning the wicked dueling air-guitars that i played with big dave while everyone else was cleaning up. hold the presses….we had best of black sabbath on the house system at pretty much full blast, and dave was up on the bar, and i was trading licks with him from atop the bass cabinet, then the stage, then the dance floor. i pulled some serious stadium moves, and though i’m a little rusty, i think i might have showed him up tonight. ok that’s all……






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