slacking on the posts

it was a fairly busy week and i’ve been slacking on the blog. two hearings this week, the police and the city services committee of the board of supervisors. crap now i’m sour. i just checked the camera, and i left the memory stick in the reader. that means that the photo i took of ming and myself in front of city hall did not in fact get taken.
so the police conditionally granted the application for a place of entertainment permit on the expansion side. the word granted in their usage should probably be changed to “waiting for more money”. because nobody can actually start being entertaining in that room (legally) until the fire inspector and the building inspector come in and sign off on the room again. well actually, the fire inspector needs to grant us a place of assembly permit for the first time. this was something i found out when i went into the permit department of the sffd last thursday. rooms in the city of san francisco that have an occupancy capacity of over 50 people need a place of assembly permit. we, according to their computer, do not have one. so the inspector comes tomorrow.
the city services committee approved our application, so it goes to a vote of the full board on the 24th of this month, then to the mayor, who has ten days to sign it, then it goes back to the board, then the clerk mails it to the abc and ourselves. sound like the process could still take a while? yep, sounds that way to me too.

i’ll post some more in a while, right now i am feeling coffee-deprived. caffeine is a mood-enhancing drug right?






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