some real bob vila shit

i started off by hacking a really big chunk off the tip of the tube, with the butterfly knife that tiffany gave me for my birthday. i did this consciously, as i wanted to basically patch up some big holes in there. i took the knife and stabbed the big pieces of old caulk out of the way. then i spread it on thick. some real bob vila shit in there. absolutely no pretensions of craftsmanship. tub.jpg






5 responses to “some real bob vila shit”

  1. bret Avatar

    i posted that link in the cubase post. i donno why, but i think it is a better link there. then again, i did it on accident and i’m on a lotta meds. they took 3 wisdom teeth out this am so now i’m 3/4 stupid. It sure is nice to go to sleep and wake up when it is all over.

    I asked the doc if I could have the teeth. I have ’em if anyone would like to see ’em.

  2. bracky Avatar

    Eric’s always enjoyed playing with his caulk!!!

  3. b Avatar

    I think I should be stressed…

    …but somehow I’m strangely calm. It must just be my unshakable faith in Eric to complete competent, high-quality home improvment and construction projects.

  4. eric Avatar

    that’s right b, i’m hooking it up in a purely tasteful way…..

  5. gimaha Avatar

    Does this mean that I can finally take a shower when I visit?

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