cubase is not happy

everything seems to be working as far as the system is concerned, but when i installed oms things started acting really weird. i have a feeling that i have a midi loop occurring somewhere, but it could be the fact that the midisport and the pod are sharing the same usb buss. hmmm. the program just completely locked up when i was quitting it. thats not good. when it really gets funky is when im trying to run reason rewired with the whole system. uggh complete hard shutdown. i liked the guitar tones i was working with tonight, but the song i was working on itself was way too derivative, as in i could easily and immediately identify the song that i was DIRECTLY ripping off. sometimes putting together a song is just a complete waste of time (as in tonight). but what i did get out of it was the combined tones: using the super o amp model (it’s some jimmy page amp that sounds a bit like a muted fender champ) with a vox ac10 as the second rhythm part. and i was playing the strat through this setup.
did i mention that i bought some candy when i was at the store the other day (saturday). i just finished the bag of m&m’s and i have 2 hershey’s bars left. and a bag of lay’s potato chips. with the refrigerator broken, i decided to get some crap to snack on while i was goofing around with the computers this weekend. BAD idea. oh well, live, eat crap and learn. there is a reason why i never buy this stuff and it is because it makes you feel like shit. so im eating candy and drinking cran raspberry juice and cruising very quickly on the keyboard like beavis on espresso. ready to hurl.






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