refrigerator yet again

tonight was the night that i decided i was going to investigate the broken fridge. well actually i had originally planned on doing it tomorrow, but tonight i felt hungry, and sour at the fact that i have no fresh food in the house (that is edible). ok i just found a site that has an ultra cool little diagram you might want to look at before i start describing the procedure here.
first things first, i found a phillips head and started removing panels, picking the ones i could get to, that looked like they were hiding dangerous parts that could cause electrocution and possible death. nothing was going to keep me from these parts tonight, and to prove to myself that i still am every bit the thrill seeker, i left these hidden innards ENERGIZED. (please note the light still on in the refrigerator compartment. i assure you there is no separate circuit breaker for this light…….
so the first thing i notice after getting the panels off is that the ants that staged a raid on my freezer a year and a half ago did not live to tell about it. see all those dead, dessicated ant carcasses?

also, i noticed something spilled once in the freezer, and wound up sitting on the styrofoam insulation (see the lower left corner).
at this point i decide it’s time to power this thing down, then i start pulling the insulation out. i immediately notice some broken glass at the bottom of the evaporator pan and realize this is my problem. but to get to it, i have to remove the fan. the fan turns out to be the part that pops up in EVERY mechanical repair that i ever do. this is the spring-loaded, “oh shit i shouldn’t have taken that screw out of there” part. suffice it to say that out of the six screws in the fan assembly two of them should not have been removed in this case. there is definitely an increased probability, as a result of this removal, that the machine may be substantially NOISIER when i get it all back together.
so in any case, yanked the fan out then immediately after realizing my mistake (as every single part of the fan housing exploded) i reassembled the fan housing. UPSIDE DOWN.
after re-reassembling this soon-to-be keeping-me-awake-all-night fan assembly, i identified the problem: a busted defrost heater.
well i guess tomorrow this thing will be fixed. until i fuck it up completely trying to quiet down that fan…….






3 responses to “refrigerator yet again”

  1. t Avatar

    you rule

  2.  Avatar

    I have an old vibrator that needs looking at!!
    I think it’s defrost mechanism has gone sour!

  3. eric Avatar

    i can fix that.

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