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well, even getting home fairly early, i still have not gotten enough done tonight. we passed the electrical reinspection at minna today, we have 2 hearings scheduled now, for the police place of entertainment permit on june 11, and for the board of supervisors’ letter of public convenience and necessity on june 12. after that, the mayor has to sign it, and then we can serve booze in the expansion room again, (and this time legally).
i have to do something about the number of rss feeds i have subscribed to, there’s still quite a bit of redundancy in the mac news catagory, even after going through and chucking a whole bunch. ok, just did. here’s another problem with subscribing to all the mac sites: i end up installing a lot of useless crap on my computer. actually, the problem seems to be a need for discipline, which i am becoming better at, to NOT install every new system helper app, play around with it for 20 minutes, and then delete it. this behavior is a bit like the upgrade syndrome, where i never actually learn enough of the features of the one version before i have upgraded to the new one. and subsequently can’t find anything and have to learn to tie my shoelaces again.
ok just got rid of some of the linux sites, because although i really like linux, and even brought home the linux box from the gallery tonight, i don’t need to keep up with every nuance of that operating system too. ok, “bringing home the linux box”. i think this next story deserves its own posting. and maybe a picture.






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