bringing the gateway home

so the electrical inspector came to minna on monday, and took exception to a number of minor things, all of which have since been corrected and approved. i suppose i should have gotten a picture of the office disco ball, suspended from the ceiling and tied into one of the lighting fixtures with a zip cord and power switch. this was one of the things she considered dangerous, and in the present era of nightclubs going up in flames, i was not about to argue the point with her.
so one of the other things she didn’t like was the office, specifically that there was not 36″ of clearance in front of the breaker panel. so one of the desks had to come out of the office, and there just isn’t enough room for more than one computer on the single desk. (although now that i am thinking it through, that’s exactly what i have now, after i set up the g4 with the gateway crt to go with the flat panel…..) so there were 2 things in the office that i felt could come home with me, the steam powered gateway intel machine, and the carry cart to put it on. i am going to hook this machine up, amongst other things, as my telephony over ip box, (actually it will be running teamtalk when i get the usb adapter for my xbox controller…..). so i got the whole rig saddled up and headed to bart.
so i’m walking up new montgomery with this thing, when i pass these two bums, sitting on the street corner smoking, and the one guy looks at me, looks at the cart, and in a fairly pissed off and derisive tone of voice says

“get a laptop”







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    i agree. get a laptop, buddy.

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