man their websites suck. i’ve been using their websites for at least four years now, and they still are the slowest, most cumbersome, least informative pages i’ve seen on the web. ok maybe i’m exaggerating somewhat. but not by much. i never quite understand it when a software company, with all the programmers at their disposal, cannot get it together to create and maintain a website to support or sell their products. mind you this is not a question of design, but of sheer usability. crap. the safari icon is dancing around spastically in the dock which means….yep, another BROKEN LINK. and this is the link to the ONLINE SHOP!!!! retards. and yet, i am still excited about buying their new software and using it IN SPITE OF their generally unusable user interface. i am pissed off and tired and calling it a night at 4 in the morning.






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  1.  Avatar

    the white font against the grey bckgrnd is hard to read

  2. eric Avatar

    hmmm, ok i’ll think about changing it. basically, i just threw together this template without much thought to the design. thinking of course, that i would change it some time shortly thereafter, but i still haven’t. i’ll start putting some thought into the redesign.

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