late night laundry post

i am up late doing laundry and attempting (still) to get the g3 in shape as a music only machine. all of this reinstallation started as an attempt to get rid of the international english version of os 9.1 that was on there. hmmmm. crap. the computer is still not recognizing the podxt as an asio driver. more accurately, it recognizes it fine and loads it, but no audio is flowing, no annoying click track is coming out of the phones. i think this has to do with the fact that i just dragged the 9.2.2. system from this imac over to the blue and white. certain software components are missing from this system, like a memory control panel for instance. or tcp/ip, as another example. crap i’ve gotta find the 9.2 install cd around here, because this dragged-over system is not going to cut it. it is really lean though, all the windows are very snappy in their behavior. cubase is running in it. hmmmm i even installed the beta release of 5, and i can see the system link window. i think i need to register for the upgrade to sx, and have these 2 computers daisy-chained. ok, im off to look at the pricing on the cubase site.






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