cleaning up the shithole

a little more effort going into cleaning up the apartment today. clutch on the truck was starting to slip, so i pulled into kragen autoparts on the way to the vacuum center. popped the hood, noticed the clutch master cylinder was a little low on hydraulic fluid, and there was a full bottle of brake fluid lodged in between the firewall and the battery. topped her up, and back to shifting smoothly.
rehauled the vacuum at the vacuum center, headed over to the hardware store and hooked up some miscellaneous crap that i needed, like a hammer and nails and some tub caulk. so now most of the art is on the walls, including a mike haller wall, and a bret haller and ronaldo choi hallway of digital photography in the foyer over here. the shower head got a new o-ring, because the old one was leaking like the space shuttle challenger on liftoff. soon there will be fresh caulk around the tub. oh and i hung the closet doors in the hallway back up. that’s about all that’s going on right now.






2 responses to “cleaning up the shithole”

  1. bret Avatar

    it is the same bottle that mike left there more or less. you have to check it once every two weeks.

  2. clerance Avatar

    i cant remember the last time i had a shit hole puke of an apartment to clean up ,,,,so eric be proud of your shit hole ,,,

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