no gaming

gaming was boring, and besides i was inspired by a surprise visit from tony wilson today to pick up the strat and play for an hour. freshly restrung yesterday, i don’t really remember how to play a single coil guitar. it’s coming back to me, but it has probably been 2 years since i played that guitar, and it really is a world different from the humbucking sg. well, i mean i remember sort of how to get the subtleties out of the thing, but it’s not exactly second nature at this point. it is pretty cool to fuck with it through the pod, and i have the imac controlling the deep editing of the pod, so i was hooking up a bunch of weird amp head/cabinet/reverb/stompbox setups. i guess one thing that was bugging me about the strat is that it really doesnt like being anywhere near this computer, it picks up so much hum in the single coil positions, and the split coil positions all sound pretty much like dire straits to me.
well its 2:30 now, and that means its time for me to crawl into bed.






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