business plan

another evening of working out a business plan. i have omitted the text of the draft, as its probably a little premature to be publishing it, but i will share the note that i attached when i fired off the email to steen and b:

this is what i’ve got so far. im a little burnt out now, as its one in the morning, so im going to follow hemingway’s adage to stop writing while the ideas are still flowing, in the hope they’ll still be there the next day when i take it up again. i just might do some gaming. as you see, i’ve left off at the point where we should outline the details of how we will distinguish ourselves from the competition. we should probably all take a hack at this section and then combine the three. shit, after reading this, i’m ready to give us money. (oh yeah, i already am).


ok i think i’ll follow my own advice and do some gaming, even though i’m getting a little frustrated with my lack of proper controller for wwii online. the usb end for my xbox controller shipped from hong kong, oh, it seems like about a month ago. although it might have been friday or saturday. i’ve been listening to indie pop rocks! from soma internet radio all night, and it has been really good. i would put the link for it here, but itunes won’t let me copy anything out of the information window. that’s LAME. i suppose it’s some bullshit copyright protection feature or something. i would put a screen capture of the url here if i didnt know that noone would bother to hand copy it into a connection window. (i sure the fuck wouldn’t). anyway, if you have itunes,, go to radio/Alt Modern Rock/Indie Pop Rocks! and check it out. at least its been good for the last few hours tonight.






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