noisy refrigerator.

i really don’t understand what’s going on with that thing, but it is now officially irritating me. maybe the fan in it has died or something, because it seems to be getting plenty cold in the interior of itself, and ice is forming on the back wall of the refrigerator part, but the food in there is not getting any of that cold air. in any case, it is also making the “death-rattle” noise, and it is just enough of an irritant to keep dragging my attention away from working on the work at hand, which happens to be creating a business plan for the proposed bar/place of entertainment provisionally called “classic”. i will post excerpts of it in the days to come.
the last guy who was interested in the place, and actually was in escrow on the place, dropped out (as i understand), because of the lease’s lack of a non-disturbance agreement. this seems like a pretty big deal, especially in the case of pow, because it in essence is an agreement between the tenant and landlord and lender stating that if the property enters into foreclosure, the tenant may remain in the location under the terms of the lease. the reason it could be a big deal at pow is related to the activities of the sixth street redevelopment program. hmmmm, or this could just be paranoia. needs further investigation.

well i originally wrote this at around midnight, and here it is 3:23 in the morning. time flies. i guess i kind of got distracted looking for the precise place on the department of labor statistics site that it says san francisco residents spend the highest per capita in the nation on alcoholic beverages, for inclusion in the business plan as evidence of an overwhelming consumer need. (at least it was for the year 2000-2001. now that i’m not in there raising the average, it might be different. something tells me there may be a pull southward in california for the title of “most booze consumed”). in any case i found myself looking at some other stuff for a while (like the CPI is actually in the red for last month…the “d” word). but eventually i did pound out a pretty tight statement of purpose for the company that sounds more business-like than “ummmm we wanna rake in dough by getting people shitploughed”, or whatever my first draft looked like. i’m tired and must sleep. tomorrow night, with an earlier start of it, i think i can hammer this thing out. it’s always that first paragraph that takes some time. our meeting yesterday night over here was (i thought), extremely productive, it definitely helped focus my thoughts on the what and why of our delving into business together, and our goals for an establishment for the enjoyment of music, drinking, dancing and socializing. ok now it’s 3:45 in the morning, and i am definitely headed to bed.






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  1. kathryn Avatar

    Hope you found a solution for your frige…mine is driving me CRAZY at the moment! C.R.A.Z.Y.

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