this is good

this is pretty good. the guy who did it is someone that we imitated (ripped off) a bunch of the fathom site from, or at least we looked at it a WHOLE lot when we were doing it. couldn’t get any of the online games to work tonight for some odd reason, so i fired up cubase. it was fun, didnt even record, just got some beats going and played the guitar with it. ran into a guy i know from rehab in the bart station, relapsed again and high. i asked him if it felt good and he said no. he didnt look like he was having that great a time. then again, im a boozer, not a druggie. but it’s funny, most of the alcoholics i know say it’s not very fun drinking, while they pretend to nurse a drink around me.






2 responses to “this is good”

  1. bret Avatar

    it’s not very fun.

  2. eric Avatar

    then why do you do it?

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