well, today i got an apology from hostway for completely fucking me. i like the “default signature”. but their service usually rocks, and im not the type to get all bitter and hold grudges, so thats that.

Hello Eric,

We apologize for the confusion. There was an error with your account setup.

We have refunded the duplicate charge of $129.80.

Thank you.

i am highly confused. my user id is the same, but my password has been
changed, my master username has been changed, my directory name has
been changed, my files have been deleted, (after a fair bit of
configuring i might add), and yet my mysql preferences are the same
database has retained the name i gave it). in addition, my credit card
has been billed twice…..is there any way of restoring what i had
transferred over from my existing host? also, i would like to have the
redundant credit card charge removed. sorry if i sound a little
but i just returned from the weekend to find everything mixed up…..


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