night of the trouble ticket

so i figured i would try to complete the installation of the minna site on the new host tonight. (this is after a long attempt to find a driver for the b&w scsi card, so i can interface with the kurzweil). somehow, and im guessing it must be related to their not wanting usernames to begin with numbers, ALL the files that i had installed on the hostway machine were deleted, the username had changed, and so had the password. BUT my mysql database was still there on the external server. AND….the minna credit card was DOUBLE billed. seems like some genius REACTIVATED the account over the weekend. now i am sour at hostway. i am very curious to hear what their response is.

From: eric haller
Date: Tue May 20, 2003 01:57:23 US/Pacific
Subject: confusion on my part?

i am highly confused. my user id is the same, but my password has been changed, my master username has been changed, my directory name has been changed, my files have been deleted, (after a fair bit of configuring i might add), and yet my mysql preferences are the same (my database has retained the name i gave it). in addition, my credit card has been billed twice… there any way of restoring what i had transferred over from my existing host? also, i would like to have the redundant credit card charge removed. sorry if i sound a little cranky, but i just returned from the weekend to find everything mixed up…..







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