noticed that it has been a while since i posted here on the blog. i spent a couple hours today troubleshooting the new minna host. i was installing the moveabletype app on the new host, and the fucker would not recognize the mysql database. finally after many unsuccessful and frustrating attempts, i realized that somehow dreamweaver was unformatting the config file for mt, and making it unreadable. i solved that problem by only editing the config file from within the shell on the server, and now the thing is up and cruising. should be a couple of days more of work (at a reasonable pace) to get everything in place, and all the email addresses configured, before im ready to switch the thing over. whatever, i’ve got til the end of the month. then i moved on to the flyer for the next show. i talked with joel in new york for a while, and he put together an idea for the back of the flyer and emailed it to me. ro thought it would be cool to place the three images on the front of the flyer against a dark blue background, so i hooked that up, and it looks pretty cool. simple, but cool. i tweaked joel’s idea, and tomorrow i’ll post whatever goes to nomad for printing.
the phone rang a lot, there were a lot of deliveries, and all in all the whole day gave me a general feeling of being a little spaced out and tired, and distracted. i got a game in the mail, world war II online, and im about to check that out for an hour or so before i crash. although i feel kinda like snoozing right now.






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