this rocks

this rocks. i believe i am close to the phone company building.

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3 responses to “this rocks”

  1. bret Avatar

    test it in a week. mine rocked (not that hard) for two days and then they (conspiracy here) seemed to have checked the pipe speed and then cut it down. i now register low dsl speed whereas the first two days i was T1 speed.

    there should be no environment related reasons for my service going down 1/10 in speed.

    keep me posted.

  2. bret Avatar

    what do you get here? … and post yer bw meter for me to test…

  3. bret Avatar

    i get the same as e on that. is what the dsl company tells you to check bw on. it is b.s. in my opinion. use cnets (same meter that microsoft uses) to see what yer speed dilly-yo is.

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