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i am going to discuss this one last time and then i am done with it. several days ago, on the day i had configured the photo gallery software on this site, i was sent a link to a photo of some gamer teabagging another gamer. the photo was posted on the site using THE SAME software that i was using to do my own photo gallery. thinking to myself well, *maybe* i will put MY photo gallery to better use, i linked to the site and noted that other people had also been keeping up with open source software.
from the utterly HYSTERICAL reaction that i have received from some people (and by this i do not mean hysterically amused), i am given to believe that perhaps i was not precisely clear about what my purpose was in putting that link on my site. i also believe that possibly i need to clarify what this site is and is not about.

it is, basically, a test site for me to play around with various new technologies and ways of communicating on the internet. it is also a journal of sorts. in that regard i plan to chronicle things that i am working on regarding music that will be of a highly technical nature. at some point in time in the near future, i will probably create an offshoot blog that ONLY chronicles music software related issues. this is only one example of the type of organization that i will be implementing here.

again i stress that this is at present, and will remain something of an experiment. right now i am highly interested in how information on the internet is organized and filtered and made ready to digest. blogs and other xml related structures for the presentation of ideas and information look to me to be the future as far as this goes, and so i have created this site as a gateway into my utilization of and participation in this developing architecture.

right now, this is an unfiltered channel. that means that i am learning how to use this site. it also means that this front page will, for the time being, contain information that will not necessarily apply to everyone. therefore i ask that you gloss over stuff that you find boring, insipid, juvenile, arcane, or otherwise not to your liking, or BETTER yet use the interactivity of the site to make your opinions known about what material is useful, entertaining, or of value to you.

otherwise, stick to email and yahoo, or one of the other major corporate-interest driven portal sites. they are constructed around the philosophy of presenting you with information that appeals to you, especially any information that will lead you to buy their products or those of their sponsors. this is a site that reflects (at present) my unique and distorted take on my own life and things around me. as the expression goes, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.






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  1. DL Avatar

    right on dude.

  2. Mr. Dangle Avatar
    Mr. Dangle

    Could you post more on “Bracky Sacking”? That is what me and my friends are into. There are not enough Bracky-ing sites. It would be great if your site could be about music AND Bracky-Sacking…
    A Hopeful Open Loving Entheusiast

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