ok after reinstalling osx and going after every preference file that looked remotely suspicious, (and i have to say that i am really fucking lucky i didn’t have to reinstall osx twice, as i was removing preference files with extreme abandon, as in a lot of sytem preferences) i have reason working beatifully on the imac. and to think that earlier today i was experiencing a little buyer’s remorse. well, there is the whole deal of not being able to boot into 9…..but i think that im going to work out some tasty ways of working with this setup.
the osx drivers for the pod are due soon. i may have to splurge for cubase sx….went over to chavs for a bit of gaming, as he had just bought castle wolfenstein for the xbox, and so we did a little cooperative play. damn entertaining game, but all i could think about was getting over here to hook up the sound apps. memory comes tomorrow, dsl the next day. life is looking good. OH ming spoke with rose meyer today, and it seems like she is being fully cooperative herself. i am going to be psyched to be wrong in my previous characterization of her state of mind towards us. ok its late, time for a little more reason, then bed.






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