hmm tunes

just hooked up a playlist of rough mixes in itunes, and there are 11 pieces there. im pretty sure there are another 5 or 6 on my g3 desktop over at mings, maybe more. i did some pretty cool stuff when i was bored over at fathom and here at sac terrace , looking for things to do while drinking. hmmm this group is actually starting to feel a little coherent, like there might be a cd shaping up here. of course there is a lot of reworking to do, not to mention vocals. but i hear melodies for most if not all of them. it seems like the way to go is going to be logic, rather than cubase. for the time being i will track things on the g3 here, maybe set up timbuktu so i can use this purely tasteful monitor/keyboard/mouse. hmmmm. logic. but the cool thing that is happening is that audio is moving towards mac, and therefore unix, which means that open source audio is somewhere down the road. i hope.






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