minna status

i just spoke with mary red, one of the clerks over at the sf board of supervisors. the wheels are in motion, we’ll get a letter when the issue is calendared. she is waiting for city planning and the police department to sign off on the request before she can move forward. im not sure whether this is good or bad news. the status is: more waiting.
ming has to contact rose meyer about sitting down and talking about where she stands on this whole process. it appears that most everything in this process has to go through her office anyway, so when i hear someone ask if we have an “expediter”, i think, no, but we certainly have a woman in a position to speed or slow down the process, as she sees fit. right now, my money is on her taking her own sweet time. but that’s just me. she could be wholly ambivalent. but my gut-level feeling is that she is definitely NOT of a mind to bend over backwards to help us. in my mind i am asking her questions in a game of word association, and i say “111 minna” and she says “those fuckers blew me off, what incentive do i have to jump off my ass and hurry to do anything for them”.
like i said, that’s just me.






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