bret & eric a go talk

hiwattage2: haha
b_dh01: delete that.
b_dh01: steens stuff
b_dh01: its just rude
hiwattage2: which stuff
b_dh01: like wtf, you guys are like the 14 year old on carracho
b_dh01: the tea bagging picts
b_dh01: are you gay?
hiwattage2: hahahahaha
b_dh01: seriously
hiwattage2: dude those are hilarious
b_dh01: eric
b_dh01: those are kid realities
b_dh01: get yer head outta yer ass
b_dh01: yer like lyons
b_dh01: your in so deep you dont see reality
hiwattage2: that’s my site, not yers
b_dh01: you think any of lyons emails are funnny?
b_dh01: they arent
hiwattage2: some are
b_dh01: nor are yours
b_dh01: whatever
b_dh01: yer almost 40
hiwattage2: hahahahahaha
hiwattage2: dude what is your problem
b_dh01: ummmm
b_dh01: i dont really care
hiwattage2: imma post this conversation
b_dh01: but i’d never say ta a friend “go look at eric’s site ta see what he is up to”
b_dh01: please do
b_dh01: post it with this:
b_dh01: post it with this:
b_dh01: you are so immersed with what your nucleus is about you fail to see that the world around you … has grown up

hiwattage2: ok i did
b_dh01: i see it
hiwattage2: dude i am busting
hiwattage2: ok gotta split
b_dh01: you should be, yer no more mature than … humm .. you were more mature when you were like 8 years old… total role reversal in our relationship … now i’m the smart one that has goals and yer the jerkoff
b_dh01: post that one too
hiwattage2: k
hiwattage2: gotta go
b_dh01: post it
b_dh01: it is true






2 responses to “bret & eric a go talk”

  1. bret Avatar

    I stand by what I typed .. if you need a second opinion… go see a shrink and show this site to him/her … ask them if they think a guy putting his penis on another guy that is sleeping has anything to do with funny or heterosexuality. You have become as unoriginal as the frat boys that you used to loathe. Read a fuckin’ book and put the videogames to rest. Period. Or move to the Marina and get some roofies.

    Hunter S. is on Conan.

  2. bagger Avatar

    Baggin’s fun faggott! You should loosen your hetero mandated definitions, and let’em hang!

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