“bracky sack”

{you need to read the post immediately before this one first, in order to appreciate the “thread” (i use this term loosely) of this topic}

i never realized that bret was so staunchly opposed to the idea of one man placing his scrotum on the forehead of another, sleeping man, in a crass gesture of juvenile one-upmanship colloquially known as “tea-bagging”. (or known provincially, as in the roaming province of bretdom, as “bracky sacking”). apparently he has done a good measure of growing up in the last six months or so since he finally stopped repeatedly badgering and cajoling nearly all his friends with (i should hope, for the sake of his newly found sense of intellectual refinement), unfulfilled threats to administer the northern regions of his “taint” to someone’s face. thankfully, it seems my brother has also grown out of the youthful phase of several months ago, during which he would mischieviously suggest to his listener that it was entirely possible that they might one day wake up in the compromising position of feeling or seeing his testes hovering above, like damocles’ sword, only sweatier and hairier. perhaps, he would impishly suggest in those salad days of last summer, there would be pictures……….






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    holy shitte!!
    You guys are hilarious. I’m gonna ask Ming about those photos.
    And it’s Brackebush!!!

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