more over on the slab

this experiment cooking over in the lab is maybe starting to take some form. GPL software rocks. is ALL ABOUT communication. come on over and check it out.
this new message board is incredibly cool. it’s also highly addictive. ive got the headphones blasting, im typing at tina in an irc window, and at the same time working on the organization of the new haller backyard discussion. there is still much to be done, but there are a lot of very cool features to it that make it an ideal way of building and developing threads. one really cool feature allows you to send an email to any of the members without actually being able to see their email address, so they have the option of contacting you back, or have you shutdown by the adminstrator for stalking. that anonymous email deal, like craigslist, is pretty happening. now i just need to figure out how to make it look tasty, and present it to the minna site, (when ming gets in touch with the dude who owns the minna site, that is).






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