gnar gnar

the refrigerator situation is, as tiffany would say, a little gnar gnar. here’s the situation:
1. my refrigerator has not been defrosted in….well maybe never.
2. massive glaciers had formed somewhere deep in the heart of the fridge, blocking the passage of cold air into the freezer.
3. things in the freezer have been, well, thawing.
4. hemp seed bread is not that bad when it thaws and sits for a few days.
5. chicken breasts and wild alaskan salmon filets are VERY BAD when allowed to thaw for a few days. the situation is made much worse when juices of these “healthier” meats escape their packaging and migrate into the aformentioned deep heart of the fridge, creating an early spring wetland for bacteria.

well, at least i have an answer to the question, “i wonder where that water is coming from?” now the fridge is defrosting, and there seems to be no end to the amount of water that has to be mopped up. i am doing my best to keep the salmonella horde from invading the 70’s shag carpeting abutting the kitchen. and i wonder what little parasites were in the salmon….shag carpet tapeworm infestation? time to go mop again with a little lysol. i am considering vegetarianism again.






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    agggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! OCD nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!

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