check out this one. it’s pure hanging in chinatown with 80’s retro-sluts.

or this is the one that i was discussing in the last entry that has the vox ac30 sound. eventually it will sound like elvis and the attractions banging the go gos with soft cell as the chamber orchestra. (jane weiland must be gay, cause i always thought she was WAY finer than belinda carlisle, and most women that i think are fine are…..)

these mixes are hardcore rough, as is the arrangement. i ran the one file through the ultramaximizer to print it, and the other one went through a ren compressor and then a maximizer. but i didnt do any pre comp eq, or post for that matter, and so they are pretty low endius. turn the bass down! hahaha and it’s me playing the bass not bret. see, i even tell myself to turn down.






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  1. bret Avatar

    Turn the bass up.

  2. eric Avatar


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