driving at night

late night driving is pretty cool after a massive downpour. there is a reason why every cinematographer wants to roll in the water truck for a wetdown on night shoots, even if it makes no sense to the story at all. all the lights look extra cool. i took some time off to go over and hang with chav. we were playing ghost recon, a game we havent really played before. here’s something you don’t want to hear come out of your mouth if you’re a gamer playing in cooperative mode:
“dude did you just throw a grenade at me?” my whole squad got creamed. i’m sure if my mom could figure out how to post comments on this blog (which she as yet cannot), she would ask when i am going to outgrow my adolescence. probably something about grandchildren would be next. but apparently there is some browser issue for her. she clicks on the link to comment and then when the window pops up, there are form text fields for everything *except* for the comment space. she actually asked today if i had configured the site to *specifically* not permit her to post comments. hahahahahahaha. its a pretty good idea though.
the song i tracked today is kinda cool. i think i have to be careful what i play through the vox ac-30 amp model, as in if the riff sounds remotely retro it immediately starts sounding like lenny kravitz jamming on a pepsi commercial. in fact im listening to the track right now, and i have to change the guitar part. i was looking for something more like elvis and the attractions meets soft cell (isnt that who did that “deep seated fascination” song?)
instead it sounds like lenny hanging with the butthole surfers. i guess thats ok, but not really what i was looking for. aw hell it sounds cool. i’ve just been listening to it on a loop for the last 14 hours. there is a cool theme from lawrence of arabia piano thing that i worked into the “bridge”. fuck. i think that used to be a complaint that i heard from a&r dudes. that none of my songs had bridges. hmmm so it must be a coda or something. shit its already 3 in the morning.
so of course i rebooted in osx to up a couple of mp3’s to the site. man this is pure crap. i need to get dsl. (and no i am not referring to the acronym of a sexual nature). 1.3 kb/sec….ok i guess i’ll just leave it cruising and go to sleep, just like in the old days, just queue up a bunch of files and snooze. ok now its 3:41. i am no longer allowed to drink coffee past 10pm.
ok if those files are upped in the morning it will be a miracle. netwiz is a seriously kick happy isp.






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    submitting music to kcrw:
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    Attn: Nic Harcourt
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    Tracking (Following up) To follow up on music you have sent to the station, or if you are checking to see if we have added your music to the library, call Eric J. Lawrence ONLY on Wednesdays, between noon and 3pm Pacific Time at (310) 314-4640. We accept tracking calls ONLY at this times and ONLY over the phone. THE TRACKING DEPARTMENT WILL NOT RESPOND TO EMAIL.

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