apple music

looks like the new itunes represents what apple thinks is the future of online music. i just downloaded it and i’m gonna check it out.
ok i checked it out. it rocks. once they bring the price down a bit, i think it’s theway music will be sold. i disagree with the guy who said $1 is an impulse buy. once record companies become lean enough (and they will either do that or die) then they won’t need to have such a markup to pay for the bloated ditribution/production/a&r machines they have in place today.
oh shit. i just found out that soft cell is not who i was thinking about when looking for a description of my song. what was that band that did deep seated fascination. thats who i was trying to think of.
nice. danny likey came through with the hook up. that band was called human league. tasty. i can stop with obsessing over not knowing who it was.

here’s the official page even






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