sound test

here’s where i read about the cops doing a sound test:
3-Apr-2001 (tue) from that dude’s blog

this is the part that really scared the shit out of me:

“You will recall that the fact that we failed our noise abatement test in February of 2000 was the reason we went down this remodeling rathole in the first place. Our original plan was: level the dance floor; move the downstairs bar; remodel the bathrooms; open for business. We thought, “how long could that possibly take? Two months? Let’s go crazy, let’s call it three.”

But then we didn’t pass our noise abatement inspection (keeping in mind that until that very week, the club had been operating for the last twenty-three years) but since I was a new owner, they made me get new permits, which required a new noise abatement inspection. ”

we are, as has been established by lt. schlotz of the sfpd permit unit, applying for a new Place of Entertainment permit. and i guess we have sort of gone along with that determination, seeing as i cut the check representing the difference between the fee for an amendment and the fee for a new permit last week. if her determination is based on the concept of just getting some more application money out of us, we should be loving it. if her determination is an attempt to open the door to a complete reevaluation of the gallery’s compliance, there is sure to be (as ming likes to put it when he is plowed) a thumb, a big fat hairy thumb, probing the depths of our collective ani (or is that anuses?)

his journal is really cool. i have read most of it, and its funny as shit, or at least a lot of it is. i’ll prolly fire off an email to the guy in the next couple of days.
im about done thinking about the gallery for a while, i am soon going to restart this thing in system 9 and work on some tunes for the rest of the afternoon and evening. first however, i am downloading a browser to install in os 9. i started off dloading internet explorer, but then thought better of having multiple versions of microsoft products on this machine. so now im getting mozilla for os 9. this should alleviate some of the inconvenience i experienced last week, having to reboot into osx in order to surf for tech support questions.

jondi had a few suggestions at qoˆl regarding the software synth/reason/rewire conflicts that i was having last week, and i am going to try to fuck around with the channel settings in cubase. we’ll see how that turns out. sometimes adversity is the mother of invention. (or is that pure hating it).

what’s the best deal on dsl? i guess i should finally get it at this apartment, cause it looks like the real estate market in the bay area is not going to cool off (to the point where i want to buy), for at least the next 6 months. i just spotted a pack of cigs that ron left out on my balcony. marlboro lights. well at least he’s looking out for my health. no way im gonna smoke those things.






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