apologies to likey

ok so i was writing away on that last post when i came to the subject of hookers, and thinking that it might be cool to sort of ramble on about it a little bit, when i realized that the minna site post by likey could be sending people over here that i wouldn’t generally type about such things to. so i whaled danny’s post over on minna, and for that im apologising. the way i see it, if you know about this site or happen upon it accidently, so be it. but if yer headed over here expecting to see kelly tunstall’s biography and instead find some middle aged bald dude spouting off about how, if yer gonna go on a bachelor party weekend you should be prepared to go at the thing whole-heartedly, purely shitfaced out of control, breathing mysoginy…..well it’s a little like clicking on a link to disneyland and getting pointed at rotten.com.
well, in any case, my position on hookers is this: i don’t see any harm in youthfully exhuberant indiscretion, (in other words i dont regret what i’ve done). but that being said, everything surrounding the practice of the world’s oldest profession carries a faint lingering odor of pure sleaze, degradation of all involved, not to mention issues of exploitation, slavery, and torture. so, although i may advocate going at a bachelor party fullbore at least once in one’s lifetime, i dont think i need to do it again.






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