sausage fest

ok this site is looking a little dude-centric. im typing this just so that the pictures will move farther down the page. it really hurts to type right now, yesterday i was washing the dishes and somehow managed to jam a fork way up under my middle finger nail. a spider just started walking around on the grape and strawberries on top of my yogurt and granola. i shooed her off there and she headed straight for bret’s flatbed scanner. at least she seems to know where to go that will cause the most stress in my apartment.

im glad to see that the laci petersen slaying has knocked the iraqis off the front page. the situation in iraq is just too complicated now that we’re done kicking the shit out of their army. seeing news reports about them protesting our occupation of their country makes me feel like maybe we should kick the shit out of them some more, until they start acting more grateful. we fucking liberated their asses, and now they’re complaining that they dont have water, electricity and sewage? or statements like this from the news: “As Iraqi Shiite demands for a dominant role in Iraq’s future mount, Bush administration officials say they underestimated the Shiites’ organizational strength and are unprepared to prevent the rise of an anti-American, Islamic fundamentalist government in the country.”

wait, you mean we fucked up the situation EVEN MORE than it already was? (to say nothing of the sheer human toll.) the best that i can say for this administration is that they are at least putting on the pretension of being well-intentioned. giving the benefit of the doubt to these guys is increasingly difficult, unless i am to imagine that they are so blindly optimistic, in some state of religious fervor, and that our intelligence is so utterly flawed that this has been one giant, well meaning FUCK UP. and even that doesnt sound that cool, beacuse that would mean that the country is being run by FUCKING MORONS.

whoops. i think i just unsupported the troops. how long does that whole charade have to last anyway? now they’re just killing “irregulars” are we allowed to question the whole exercise, or are we still tying yellow ribbons around our freedom of speech?

well, its good that the whole laci thing is going to be front page. i would hate to have my sleep troubled by seeing photos of the effects of the “stun and awe” fireworks display.






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    dear eric can I borrow twenty dollars…..If you do i will never pay you back

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