new tune

the frustrations of workarounds on the computer aside, i am now listening to the new song i wrote and tracked yesterday, and its purely tasteful. the bass pod is key, as is the git pod. having the all the essential tones at your disposal is unbelievably cool, i can compose with an idea about some dream recording setup and get the sound in seconds. like, what would it be like if i push this over to a vox, or a blackface fender deluxe? its amazing to me how many times i have been pushed in recording situations into what i have come to realize are not my ideal amps. (or at least didnt fit the song that i was playing).

ive got to find some time this sunday to go over to the gallery and experiment with vocals on about 5 of the tracks ive cut over the last few months…..ive got the all important first line for a couple of them, some melodies, but until i can spend some time yelling into a mike i wont really have a complete feel for them.

hmmm somebody posted a comment on my post on the minna blog. i just got the email notifying me of their post. if i understand his post correctly, some ass is wailing me in a condescending tone about not “being one” with the overall minna vibe. check it: here


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