if you dont want to read about an arcane music software related post then skip this one.

ok im a little sour at the way the cubase and reason versions that i have integrate (or dont as the case may be). reason grabs all the rewire resources at startup, and then cubase cant assign any mixer channels to the vst instruments. there is supposed to be a patch somewhere, but i cant find it. its getting to the point where every time i sit down to do some writing i end up spending hours in the support forums and then getting nothing done. well, fuck that’s the way it’s always been, but when you spend all your time working on music its a whole lot easier to get things done and work out some workarounds.
im thinking mebbe i should get a laptop and set it up as my main mixing console, and use the desktop machines i am around as the tracking workhorses.

to make matters worse, i threw out all the system 9 browsers on this machine, so in order to check out any tech support sites i have to shut everything down and then reboot into osx. and im on 56k. this blows.






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  1. bret Avatar

    List versions of what you are using. I would assume yours are a little old by now.

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