varnish and warcraft

just went over to varnish’s opening. the place looks great, they did a sweet job with it. seems like they have everything minna over there. they even got jenny greenberg to design the website and ben jenkins to program it. gabe was bartending, saboo and krishna at the door. ming came through with the snake for the toilet as both mens and womens were clogged. i got out of there in a hurry, as the NA beer started wailing at my bladder with nowhere to go but the street or minna.
houston came over to minna and showed me some new online warcraft games. so now i am here playing some warcraft. it’s full on hip hop night around here, some mcees are out there proclaiming how they are certainly fine fine rappers. ok im going back to gaming.






2 responses to “varnish and warcraft”

  1. DL Avatar

    yo eric….are you going to minna today? i wonder how the bathrooms look?

  2. eric Avatar

    dude it was a thug-o-rama last night. thanks for keeping those “studio gangstas” from causing trouble last night, likey!

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