purpose, manifesto, etc.

so im sitting here thinking to myself all the things that i am going to do on this website, suspecting the possibiliy that within a month i will be bored of it and look at it every so often. i am also wondering whether having your name registered as a domain name is a) a wise idea for privacy b) highly lame and egotistical c) useful whatsoever. as to the first, there pretty much is no such thing as privacy left, and anyhow i use the internet all the time for everything and if someone wanted to data mine me, they could find out more about me than i know myself. as to (c), it doesn’t bother me, because most anything that human beings do besides eat shit and sleep could be characterized by someone somewhere as completely useless. well, let me qualify that: most things i see other people doing appear to me to be without much usefulness. and besides, at varying times in my life i have and will continue to consider myself a musician. worse yet a singer/songwriter.
so is it highly egotistical and lame to have your own domain name? i dont think so. just because you dont have one yourself doesnt mean that it’s not a good idea.

just to prove how ego-less my eponymous website is going to be, i just added a manifesto category for classifying these posts.






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