eric haller dot com

i’ve had a site here since 2003 i think. posting has been on again off again over the years, social media has definitely taken a toll on the amount of content i put up here. writing this at the very end of 2020, a challenging year for everyone, it seems appealing to start posting over here more. seems like some of the photos from over the years have disappeared, casualties of having used 3rd party services to host the photos back in the day.

Monumento Nacional Guayabo, 25.10.2021

it’s been quite a life so far, for the last 13 going on 14 years i have called puerto viejo de talamanca, in the province of limon, costa rica, my home. i play music with a few groups on a regular basis, my mainstay is plan b.

if you’re looking for music, most of it is categorized under music and video

if you want to search through the past, who knows what you will find there. i haven’t in years, and every time i do i feel like i am reading the writing of something of a stranger.