wordpress hell

spent the last 5 hours in wordpress hell on a friend’s site. pages and posts were not updating. weird things were happening. i went straight to phpmysql and started dropping tables. still not clear what the issue was. beginning to suspect the AMP plugin update that was rolled out recently.

walaba is back.

at some point on the old server, walaba.com got hacked, and it looks like someone was able to install a malware plugin into the wordpress. this morning, it’s finally gone. it wasn’t really a priority, obviously…it’s been 5 years or something in disrepair. back then i was thinking that puerto viejo could use a good website, but today i am less certain that what puerto viejo really needs is another website.

current user: full range

this is the record that bret, pete, and i did in the late 90s.

Current User: Old Cassette Demo

i found an old cassette demo that we recorded with current user back in….1992? something like that. i digitized it and threw a little compression on it. the oxide on the tape is a little pitted in some places, so there are dropouts, but it’s cool to listen to this stuff after so many years. no protools, no computers. 8 track tascam 388 mixed to cassette. one of my brother’s wishes was that more of his “superfine bass lines” would be shared more broadly with the world, so this is a good start.

bret haller – bass | craig levitz (irwin) – drums | anthony wilson – guitar & vox | eric haller -guitar & vox

sunday pipa water

my mom and i are enjoying a glass of pipa (young coconut) water from the garden this morning. i’m pretty sure this is the first year that the coconut palms that rami and larissa planted have fruited in the 4 or so that i have lived in the house, so this is a very satisfying drink. i sliced the refrigerated coconut open and got a yield of probably 400 ml of seriously refreshing water.

the first pipa to come from my garden
the first pipa to come from my garden